Acne Trial Kit

Acne Trial Kit

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B-Kleer Antimicrobial Cleansing Gel, 1 oz

Super potent, maximum strength, non-drying acne cleanser kills 99.9% of acne causing Propioni bacteria. It's antimicrobial action eliminates Gram-Negative, Gram-Positive, and Yeast. It also kills 15 additional bacteria as well as fungus and mold. Benzethonium Chloride> disrupts bacterial growth and forces it to destroy itself.  Use twice daily.

B-Kleer Ultra 8 Solution (mild to moderate acne), 1 oz

Fights hyperpigmentation, improves skin tone and texture while deep cleansing pores It helps control oiliness and break down trapped oils,8% non-buffered Glycolic Acid helps stimulate exfoliation. Regular use minimizes occurrences of white heads, black heads, pustules and papules.  Use twice daily after cleansing. B-Kleer Ultra 20 pads available for treating advanced or cystic acne and improving acne scarring.

B-Kleer Mint Mask, .5 oz

Excellent for cominabtion, oily, or acne prone skin. Kaolin  absorbs oils while Bentonite dries pores and reduces shine. High quality metal oxides fight bacteria and soothe irritations. 


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