Enzyme Gel Exfoliator 16 oz

Enzyme Gel Exfoliator 16 oz

Model:  NAS-PATR-300-16

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This unique gel formula utilizes a proprietary method of preserving micro-crystalline of active enzymes in an anhydrous matrix. Stabilized Papaya and Pineapple enzymes dissolve dry, flaky skin and sweep it away. This non-abrasive gentle exfoliate active can be used by sensitive skin, thin and damaged skin.  Exfoliation makes the pores seem smaller because you remove the keratinized skin around the pores making them less visible. Leaves skin soft and glowing.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Papain (Papaya Enzyme) - Papain acts as a exfoliation agent loosing the bond of dead skin cells from the surface making them easier to remove. Bromelain (Pineapple Enzyme) - Ingests dead skin cells to enhance exfoliation, aids in rebuilding collagen, and revealing a younger more even layer of skin.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply to clean skin with moist finger tips. Massage gently for 1 minute to activate enzyme. Remove with warm water.  Can also be used as a mask by leaving on for 10 to 15 minutes prior to rinsing.


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